Desitech is a German-based Marketing and social media Agency, since 2018, our leaders started as Freelancers, and worked in the field of Web Design and Marketing for 2 Years as a team, then established the company in 2020, since then we have dedicated ourselves to offering a new and a fair solution for our clients in several fields of our expertise.

We are headquartered in Michelstadt with 25 full-time employees in different Countries.

We managed to leave our remarkable touch in the field of marketing as content creators, advisors, and marketing specialists, and managed to write many successful stories of many companies.

Why Choose Us?

Innovative Solutions

Desitech stands out by offering new levels of innovation and leadership in the digital marketing space. Our approach is tailored to revolutionize how brands interact with their audiences online, through preciseand focused marketing strategies.

Trust and Sustainable Partnerships

The company is dedicated to creating trust and long-lasting relationships with its clients. We act as a strategic partner in our clients' digital success journey, ensuring services that respect clients' values and goals.

Global Reach with a Personal Touch

Despite being a German-based agency with a global footprint, Desitech offers tailor-made solutions that cater to the unique needs of each client, ensuring a personal touch in their global outreach.

Comprehensive Digital Marketing Services

Desitech provides a wide array of services including outdoor advertising, digital displays, media production, social media marketing, website and app development, brand development, and influencer marketing, making us a one-stop-shop for all digital marke

Dedication to Quality and Excellence

The company places quality and excellence at the core of its mission, leveraging the latest technology and best practices while maintaining high standards of transparency and accountability.

Building Success Stories

Desitech has a track record of writing many successful stories for numerous companies, highlighting our capability to significantly impact our clients' market presence and success.

Ethical Marketing

Desitech is committed to ethical marketing practices, aiming to contribute positively to society by enhancing online presence awarenessand supporting social projects or non-profit organizations with free consultations.

Our Services

desitech-Graphic Design-service

Graphic Design

Our team of designers crafts visually stunning graphics and animations that enhance brand identity, marketing materials, and digital content, ensuring that each piece is both engaging and effective.


Desitech offers a wide range of printing and manufacturing services for marketing materials, including brochures, business cards, banners, and more, ensuring high-quality production that aligns with brand standards.
desitech-Digital Marketing-service

Digital Marketing

Leveraging the latest digital marketing strategies, Desitech helps brands increase their online presence through SEO, SEM, content marketing, email marketing, and other digital channels.
desitech-Influencer Marketing-service

Influencer Marketing

By partnering with more than 300 influencers across various social platforms, and with our leading Influencer Management subsidiary Meshhur Network, Desitech crafts influencer marketing campaigns that authentically engage and expand target audiences, driv
desitech-Website & App Development-service

Website & App Development

We offer custom website and mobile app development services, creating user-friendly, responsive, and visually appealing digital properties that serve as the cornerstone of our clients’ online presence.
desitech-Social Media Marketing-service

Social Media Marketing

Desitech's social media experts develop comprehensive strategies that boost engagement, build community, and enhance brand presence across platforms like Instagram,Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
desitech-Brand Development-service

Brand Development

From conceptualization to execution, Desitech works with clients to develop strong brands that resonate with their target audience, including brand strategy, identity design, and messaging.
desitech-Brand Management-service

Brand Management

Offering ongoing brand management services, Desitech ensures that its clients’ brands remain consistent, relevant, and engaging across all marketing channels and customer touchpoints.
desitech-Outdoor Advertising-service

Outdoor Advertising

Desitech designs and executes outdooradvertising campaigns that capture attention and deliver messages effectivelyin high-traffic areas. This includes strategic placement and creative design to maximize impact.


Utilizing both traditional and digital billboards, we offer clients high-visibility advertising solutions that are both impactful and memorable, suitable for a broad range of marketing campaigns.
desitech-Digital Displays-service

Digital Displays

Specializing in digital display solutions, Desitech provides dynamic and engaging content for digital signage, interactive displays, and other digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising platforms:
desitech-Media Production-service

Media Production

With a focus on high-quality media production, Desitech produces compelling video and audio content that resonates with target audiences, including commercials, promotional videos, and branded content.

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Ehab Abiedo

Chief Executive Officer

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Shurouk Abiedo

Chief Creative Officer

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